New Disinfector Comes! 84 Disinfectant and Ozone Disinfection Are No Longer the Best Choice!

Don’t you worry about the health of your own families?


In order to secure your family health, OSPRING TECHNOLOGY has found a safe and nontoxic solution.

Air Washer

(OS-9102 type of EOW generator)


Air Washer produces hypochlorous acid disinfectant water by adding salt to electrolyzed tap water, which is also the most popular new generation of household safe method of odor removal and disinfection in Japanese families.


Hypochloric acid disinfectant, a name that is hard to pronounce.


What is it?  


Hypochlorous acid is an unstable weak acid.

Molecular formula: HCIO.

Structural formula: HOCI.


In biology, our human neutrophils (i.e. one type of leukocytes) produce hypochlorous acid through myeloperoxidase(MPO) as a weapon against bacteria.


Because hypochlorous acid molecules are relatively small and have no charge, they can pass through the cell wall and enter the bacterial body to undergo oxidation reaction with organic polymers such as proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes in the bacterial body, thus killing bacteria by destroying bacterial proteins.


The hypochloric acid disinfection water only acts on bacteria, viruses and other organic substances. But for human or animal cells, it will be decomposed by taurine on the surface of the cells, so it will not affect the enzyme of the cells, and is harmless to human and animals.

Far more than iodine and alcohol disinfection ability


After verification by Japan Food Analysis Center and SGS, hypochlorous acid disinfection water can effectively kill common bacteria, yeast-like fungi, bacilli virus and spore virus. For spore virus, even iodine and alcohol can not kill it.


According to Japanese media reports, hypochlorous acid disinfection water, has good killing effect on common highly pathogenic epidemic infectious viruses in recent years, including O-157(E.Coli), Norwalk Viruses, MRSA.


A few years ago, Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan experienced what was called “a severe foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in developed countries in the past 10 years”, which was claimed to be the second largest foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in Britain after 2001. According to reports, the Miyazaki Prefecture government of Japan at that time, in order to control the epidemic, specially used hypochlorous acid disinfectant, which achieved good results.


The following is the test report of Air Washer sterilization ability:


84 disinfectant has always been a household product in China, but its high concentration and strong irritation have always been a big potential safety hazard for ordinary families. In addition to discomfort, it can also cause damage to the respiratory tract.



The big difference between Air Washer and ordinary disinfection products is that it can exert great effects under very safe and low concentration conditions, while that of other disinfectant solution ( such as 84 disinfectant) often exceeds 300ppm (about 300mg/L). Air Washer is non-irritating and suitable for mothers and infants.



Multifunctional, Widely Applicable