Do You Want a Cool and Grace Zinc Spring Water Bottle?

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Recently, the weather has turned cooler.

The fall is coming.

Warm water becomes the healthy choice for health-preserving people, especially for women. Hence, a carry-on vacuum bottle is necessary and common everywhere.

Zinc Spring Water Bottle is strongly recommended, whose design inspiration was from Canton Tower, and with which you can go anywhere for fun.

Have you found any similarities between them?

R&D engineer:

Design originates from life, but transcends life. Product of us should not only be practical, but an experience of aesthetic perception for our customers. Most importantly, products of us should be beneficial to peoples health.

Zinc Spring Water Bottle adopts ergonomic design, formed in the middle of a slim waist, easy to carry, especially easy to hold in hand, and feels effortless and comfortable.

Its material adopts medical grade stainless steel which is safe, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and has good thermal insulation. The stainless steel at the bottle mouth is smooth enough to protect your mouth from injury.

The upper filter core adopts high-tech AST active material to stimulate the natural ecological environment of healthy water sources such as mountain rocks and crevices. With a gentle shake, ordinary drinking water is transformed into natural fresh spring water.

Natural fresh spring water: Different from ordinary water. It has the characteristics of micro cluster, mild alkaline, negative potential, rich in zinc and other minerals, and tastes good when drinking. In addition, it can help relieve diabetes.

After the filter core contacts water, odors will be eliminated and water taste will be improved.

Besides, zinc and other trace elements needed by human body can be continuously released while filter core is contacting with water.

Importance of Zinc:

Protect brain. Proteins needs to maintain the correct form in order to function smoothly. Zinc plays an important role in maintaining protein morphology.

Protect heart. Zinc can enhance the health of cardiovascular system, regulate arterial blood pressure, and its antioxidant effect helps stabilize various biomembranes.

Protect liver. Zinc deficiency increases the risk of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) and other chronic liver diseases. But excessive zinc in the body also increases the risk of severe chronic liver disease.

Help pregnancy. Even mild zinc deficiency during pregnancy can lead to terrible consequences, such as increased maternal morbidity, abnormal taste, prolonged gestation, delivery difficulties, flaccid hemorrhage and increased fetal risk.

Sugar control. Zinc can effectively control type 2 diabetes.  In patients with type 2 diabetes, a protein called amylin will form aggregates to prevent insulin-producing cells and affect blood sugar control. The trace element zinc can prevent this negative effect of amylin protein, thus stabilizing blood sugar level.

Enhance immune function. Zinc deficiency is very common in elderly patients. Zinc deficiency can cause thymus atrophy, thymus hormone reduction and activity reduction, thus reducing vaccine response and immunity. Zinc supplement can enhance children's immunity and relieve infectious symptoms such as diarrhea.  

Accelerate wound healing. Zinc supplement can accelerate wound healing and play a very important role in the treatment of early gastric ulcer.

Use method:

After filling the bottle with water, screw the filter core on the bottle lid, and then cover the bottle tightly. The water in the bottle can be activated by a slight shake. Drinking activated water every day will make you healthier.

The life service of filter core is 1 year which lowers its replacement cost.

This series comes in two styles: slim waist bottle with oblique lid and slim waist bottle with flat lid.

The capacity of a cup is about 280ml.


1. Dont fill it up with water, leave some space for bottle shaking.

2. The filter core can only be used for water not for other instant drinks, so as not to affect the overall sanitation of the bottle and the activation effect of the functional filter core.